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Better Together!

Our coworking spaces are tailored to suit our clients’ needs. We offer world class member experience and office facilities to individuals, organizations or businesses in rural development. Our members get to enjoy our shared office facilities,have the opportunity to network and collaboration.

Westside Office - Coworking Spaces

Gone are the days when a business needed to pay exorbitant money to be tied into a long-term contract to have a great place to work. Our coworking spaces in Westlands, enables businesses to save costs using common infrastructure, facilities, and shared services. Our clients prefer coworking instead of an enclosed office for coworking promotes productivity, creativity, flexibility, and networking.

We have two options for our coworking spaces

Permanent workstation

This is a reserved/dedicated workstation for an individual and you get to enjoy full-time benefits to some of the shared office space benefits.

Flexible workstation

With a flexible desk, you get to sit wherever you like every day and be available whenever you have a need.

Services Offered For Co-working



Printing Services

Front Office

Stand-By Generator

Membership Events

We believe in community and working together! One of the greatest benefits of our coworking spaces, is the opportunity to connect with our Shiriki house office community in our Westlands office